Baglio Agrituristico Maragani Beach

Welcome to the unique Farm sea resort in Sciacca, Agrigento province

If you come to us you will discover an oasis of tranquility surrounded by Sicilian countryside overlooking the sea but the Strait of Sicily , in the beautiful coastal area of ​​the town of Sciacca . It is a place that we feel special , just a few kilometers from Sciacca sea , where you can spend on your own or with friends a quiet vacation away from the noise and gas polluted cities and take ownership of hours ( why not, of healthy idleness ) that frantic pace of work does not allow us .

In our Farmhouse with sea time will flow differently . The time will be yours!

The great building of our farm , long abandoned , is now back to life thanks to a restoration that has wanted to respect the ancient soul of a building that is already history (1859 is engraved the keystone of the portal that will opens to Menfi) .